Kitchen Entree and Noodles

Kitchen Entree

Served with miso soup, house salad & white rice (extra $1 for brown rice or fried rice)

shrimp, scallop, salmon, white fish ans crab stick


fried battered assorted vegetable (sweet potato, asparagus, zucchini, broccoli, taro, pumkin, onion


6 pieces fried battered chicken strip & assorted fried vegetable


6 pcs lightly fried battered chicken strip & assorted fried vegetable


lobster tail, scallop, creab stick, white fish, shrimp and vegetable lightly battered and fried


lightly fried panko crusted cutlet with tonkatsu sauce


thinly slices steak cooked with green pepper, onion, carrots


Shogun Special Noodle

Served with house salad

Japanese stir fried thik wheat flour noodle with vegetable

a very popular Japanese stir fried egg noodles with vegetables and our special tangy yakisoba sauce


Japanese traditional thick wheat flour noodle soup

Choice of :

shrimp, scallop, white fish filet and crab stick


Japanese noodle soup with vegetable, chicken, fish cake , egg and 2 pcs of shrimp tempura